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Exfoliating at home is effective, but sometimes you want to indulge in a professional treatment. In the same way a professional facial can leave your face glowing and fresh, a professional exfoliating treatment, or body polish, can leave your whole body smooth, soft, and vibrant.A body polish removes the surface layer of dead cells that can make your skin look dull or rough. The polish exposes the fresh, healthy skin below. It can also help energize you and stimulate your circulation.

If you’re ready to give body polish a try, here’s what you need to know.


Before the body polish. You don’t need to prep for a body polish (sometimes called a body scrub), though you’ll probably feel better if you shower and shave before someone rubs you down.


----During the body polish --- We offer body polishes featuring many types of scrubs. Sand, salt, sugar, and coffee are popular choices. These are blended with oil or cream and may have an added scent, so your therapist might offer you a choice of aromas. He or she will typically begin by having you lie facedown and will rub the scrub on your back, the backs of your arms and legs, and your feet. (A body polish won’t feel like a massage, though sometimes the two treatments are combined in one spa session, usually with the scrub first and then the massage.) After the therapist finishes your back, you’ll turn over to have the other side exfoliated. For privacy, you’ll probably be able to wear disposable panty, and the therapist will drape your body with a sheet, exposing only the part of your body that's being worked on. If your skin is sensitive and you feel that the therapist is rubbing too hard, let him or her know — the sensation is different  for everyone.


After the body polish. Following your exfoliation session, the scrub can be removed from your skin by a few methods. You might shower off to rinse it away.Or the therapist may wipe off the scrub with warm, wet towels. He or she will then finish by applying a moisturizer or oil to help keep your freshly polished skin hydrated. The whole treatment usually takes about 30 to 50 minutes.


Body polishes are often combined with other spa treatments. They are recommended before sunless tanning, both to help you tan evenly and to help the tan last longer. You might want a polish to help energize your skin before a mud wrap or a similar treatment. And polishes are often paired with massage.


While body polishes are appropriate for just about anyone, they are not recommend if you have a fever, a sunburn, or a skin condition that could be aggravated by the vigorous scrub. Be sure to tell your therapist if you think you might be allergic to a scrub’s ingredients.


Treat yourself to a body polish — it can leave you glowing on the outside and energized on the inside.

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